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3 Pillars of Expertise

At BackStretch – we align with your organization’s long-term hiring goals.  If your business is in need of one of these 3 services, it makes sense to start a conversation ASAP


Hiring Partnership

Imagine every time you hire you leverage the best technology and best minds in recruitment to lead your search, at a 30% to 60% less cost than using a standard recruitment firm.  It is why BackStretch was created, and companies across Canada and the United States have leveraged this model to achieve major ramp ups for their business growth.  Click here to start the conversation.

Permanent Recruitment

A great way to see how we work together, and a perfect place to start.  Leverage our technology and minds, and see how it feels to own hiring across all levels in your company. We will blow you away with our results, including guaranteed 25 headhunts in the first business day and a  service experience unlike anything you have seen to date.  Click here to start the conversation.


Executive Search

Breaking the traditional recruitment mold, we bring a modern approach to an old industry by leveraging technology, headhunting, and hard work to secure the leadership team of your dreams.  For BackStretch, executive search is a passion that is driven by and dedicated to quality, speed and best practice for the executive search process.  Click here to start the conversation.

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BackStretch Recruitment Group
BackStretch Recruitment Group

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BackStretch Recruitment Group
BackStretch Recruitment Group