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Imagine never worrying about hiring again by having your own world-class in-house talent acquisition team as an extension of your organization; fully aligned, culturally connected, and promoting under your brand. Whether a key executive hire or hiring 190+ people during your rounds of funding, your recruitment needs can be solved with BackStretch.  

Hiring Partnership Case Study: Certn

Hiring Partnership Case Study: Certn

“When we closed our initial $43 million Series A, we needed to align our hiring efforts and ramp up extremely fast. I had experience with Matt and BackStretch from a previous company and knew they could deliver. As our hiring partner, they have helped us secure 194 (and counting) permanent hires in the past 19 months and have been a key part of our growth.”

“They are transparent, super honest and responsive. I don’t think of Backstretch as anything other than an extension of Certn. I feel like I hired a tech talent acquisition team.”

Andrew McLeod


certn hiring partnership highlights

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Average cost savings

30- 0 %

per hire

Our unique model and technology enable us to deliver results quickly, with an average cost savings of 30-60% over traditional recruitment, starting with your first hire.

placement time

0 days

Speed is essential to minimizing the impact on your business and to securing the best possible candidates. Our average placement time for 2021 was 14 days, from launch to accepted offer. 

Experience with over


hires in permanent roles

Our team has the expertise and experience, with collectively over 10,000 hires in permanent roles, and thousands of interviews.  

We are committed to helping your internal HR team and hiring managers succeed, drawing on our industry insight, and decades of experience to enable your company to be a magnet for attracting the best possible talent.

What our Clients Say:

Always transparent and super honest. I love that.

They really take the time to understand the business. And then they take the time to go beyond the job description.

Absolutely responsive. They also understand urgency, and the kind of various speeds we want to operate at.

It's been cost advantageous for us to work with a Backstretch.

Backstretch takes an interest in understanding the company's culture. So that culture can be aligned as well with the individuals that we're trying to attract to the role.

Backstretch does a good job of getting the candidate a clearer understanding of who we are, what we're doing and what we're hiring for. So that when we get to talk to them, it's a lot more pared down to pragmatic stuff. They've allowed us to stay really lean when it comes to our operations management.

Where we work

We’re proud to be a remote first company based in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada offering recruitment services to companies across Canada, the United States and Europe.

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