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This is why companies partner with BackStretch

There are 3 reasons that make us different - we pride ourselves in each and should be key factors when you choose your Hiring Partner:


Creating largest possible candidate pool by leveraging Technology

  • Did you know? in 2018 42% of employers are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need and approximately three quarters (72.8%) are struggling to find relevant candidates. (careerbuilder)

  • We see it as a simple equation: investment in recruitment technology + intelligence on what works = largest possible candidate flow and quality
  • After 1000+ hires to date - we know what works, what doesn't, and why. It has taken a lot of years to maximize them, which work for headhunting, and which are a waste of money. we combined them in one easy package for our clients called Talent Pipeline Technology ™.
  • Every time you partner with BackStretch to hire, you leverage:
  • Access to both sponsored and organic, and rank optimization, on most popular job boards including LinkedIn & Indeed
  • Your position will now be found on 100 + employment boards every time
  • Social media exposure campaign including use of our 8000 + connections
  • BackStretch database use to ensure the top are put forward
  • Headhunting focus to ensure we access passive candidates (including guaranteed 25 headhunts 1st business day)

Maximization of your Time and Energy

  • Did you know? in 2018, the average days to hire ratio was 41 days for middle level positions and average of 72 for senior positions. (jobvite).
  • We approach our work with a different attitude, and a very different approach. It is all about maximization of time, and doing what you are great at. We love recruitment and everything about it, so we are the perfect partner when it comes to owning this challenge in your business.

  • Complete accountability – When we take on your role, we are not adding it to our roster of clients. We "own" it. We are 100% committed until we find the right person for your team and company. We also include a replacement guarantee, keeping us accountable beyond the start date.
  • Speed and urgency - We work quickly, taking the urgency and importance of hiring as seriously as you do. Every day the role stays open costs you money as well as other negative impacts on your business.
  • Candidate ownership - We use our Talent Pipeline Technology ™ to maximize the reach and quality of candidates, which includes extensive headhunting to access both active and passive candidates. With this, on top of using social, our network, and referrals - we move all candidates along quickly and with focus.
  • It is all we do - we are on top of all your hiring, it is all we do. And, we love it!
  • Free up your time and focus on what you do best.

Creating a Genuine, Candid, and Enjoyable Hiring Experience

  • Did you know? After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. ( and "It is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. (Harvard Business Review).

  • We know, we hear it all the time. It seems recruitment firms are lacking on this front and we are here to change this. BackStretch operates in a different structure then most. We do not believe it focusing on "activity" or "sales numbers" that turn into clients feeling forced and "hey, you have to meet this person" behaviours.
  • We focus on longevity of relationship and value. We think you will enjoy the refreshing approach.
  • So how?
  • Authenticity - We’re candid with you – we don’t run on KPIs and offer bonuses for interviews. We are working to find the right fit for your team. We will not oversell candidates or waste your time.
  • Transparency - We believe in sharing the good and bad of each candidate, and know this is key in building trust. Again, we don't get rewards for pushing interviews on you so you can be honest with us too.
  • Pride in your Employer Brand - Our goal is to secure great relationships long term with companies we are proud to recruit for. You probably haven't even heard of us, because we hold the belief that recruitment should be about your company - not ours. We align with and represent your company and brand in the labour/candidate market, presenting a consistent, positive image and impression of your business.

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BackStretch Recruitment Group
BackStretch Recruitment Group

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