Why BackStretch?

Hiring is one of the most critical and stressful undertakings of a business owner, manager, or HR team. Even more so in today’s hyper-competitive, candidate driven market. We get it.


Recruitment is hard work; we know that. And it’s getting more competitive and complex all the time. Never before have companies faced a more challenging environment for recruiting. Gone are the days when simply placing an ad on a job board would attract a pool of quality candidates.


We work quickly, taking the urgency and importance of hiring as seriously as you do. Every day your role stays open costs you money and other impacts on your business. 


We are proud to be referred to as trusted advisors, partners and “part of the team” by our clients. We market under your brand, and are committed to ensuring that every interaction on your behalf is consistent, professional and creates a positive impression of your company. 


After 10,000 permanent hires, we know what works, what doesn’t and why. With BackStretch, there is no guess work. You benefit from our decades of experience and insight, extensive network and database, and significant investment in recruitment technology and platforms to attract and qualify the largest possible pool of candidates.

We love recruitment and everything about it, so we are the perfect partner when it comes to owning this challenge for your business.

The BackStretch Advantages

Flexible hiring solutions

Whether you are looking for a single permanent hire, executive placement or need to scale, we have hiring solutions to fit your needs, with an average saving of 30-60%.
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Guaranteed Headhunting

We don’t just post and wait. We engage in proactive headhunting to ensure we access quality, passive candidates and guarantee a minimum of 25 head hunts on the first business day.
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Innovation and technology to amplify searches

Our proprietary Talent Pipeline Technology ™ combines extensive campaigns and the most innovative recruitment tools to get you the widest talent pool possible in the shortest period. We don’t skimp on marketing budget for our clients.
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We work as an extension of your HR team

We augment your internal HR team and hiring managers to bring resources, experience, and capabilities to help them succeed, and to help your company be a magnet for attracting talent.
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A team of hustlers

We are an experienced, passionate, adaptable team of hustlers. Above all else, we are intensely committed to our core values and client’s success. We measure our success on results, not KPI’s.
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We work under your brand

Our unique approach is we most often operate stealth, as an extension of our client’s brand so you benefit from the significant marketing and promotion. We guard your brand as if it were our own.
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When we take on your role, we are not adding it to our roster of clients. We “own” it. We are 100% committed until we find the right person for your team and company. We also include a replacement guarantee, keeping us accountable beyond the start date.

Moreover, we work exclusively with you. We will not work with your competitors, ensuring our goals are aligned.

What our Clients

An advantage of having Backstretch is they're able to attract talent that is already gainfully employed.

The best candidates we've got, have come through BackStretch. Of the 30 people we brought on board, I think we've had to tap one on the shoulder to say it wasn't working out.

I don't think of Backstretch as anything other than an extension of our team. I feel like I hired an employee. I feel like I hired a tech talent acquisition team.

I view Backstretch as an extension of my HR department, and really a partner in so far as attracting the best talent to help us grow our business.

They've allowed us to stay really lean when it comes to our operations management of our business, and they kind of fit pretty seamlessly into what we're doing.