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No Matter What Your Hiring Needs Are We Have a Solution for you

BackStretch was founded 12 years ago, with the vision of disrupting the recruitment industry and model by delivering an unprecedented level of service and value to our clients – and a new partnership model. We do not believe in focusing on “activity”, “sales numbers” or “KPI’s” that turn into clients feeling forced. Our approach and philosophy are different. We are about results, accountability, transparency and building long-term relationships and value for our clients. We view ourselves as an extension of your team, committed your your success.  We believe you will find this refreshing.

We offer 3 different Recruitment Solutions:

BackStretch is able to manage your full-cycle recruitment needs, including full-time, contract and internships. 

We are flexible, and do not force you to adapt or change your systems or processes, rather we augment your HR team and align with your process and workflow. We are about making the recruitment process as easy and hassle free as possible, with minimal effort on your part. We enjoy doing the heavy lifting. 

Hiring Partnership

Hiring Partnership

Our Hiring Partnership is ideally suited for companies are scaling and have a need to hire a larger number of candidates. We work closely with your internal HR team and hiring managers to augment their efforts and maximize their time and energy. We have placed more than 187 permanent hires in 14 months for one of our SaaS clients, and more than 25 hires in 90 days for an alternative energy company. We have the ability to scale to any level, quickly. You will save 30-60% on the cost of traditional recruitment.

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

This is a great way to see how we work together, and a perfect place to start. Even if you require only a few hires, we believe in building long term relationships to help our clients succeed. Some of our longstanding clients started with only a single hire, and over time they expanded, and we were proud to support their recruitment needs along the way. As with all our engagements, leave no stone unturned, and all of our assets to generate the largest possible talent pool. We also guarantee 25 headhunts the first business day and have a placement guarantee.

Executive Search

Executive Search

For BackStretch, executive search is a passion that is driven by and dedicated to quality, speed and best practices. We embrace the challenge of finding the right candidates who will play a key leadership role in helping your company go to the next level. Executive searches often require more exhaustive headhunting efforts.

More comments from our clients on their experience working with BackStretch:

The depth, definitely the "do-say" ratio is high. When Matt says, or anyone on this team says that they're going to do something, I know with certainty that it will happen.

Matt and his team also understand what it is like for our team. What's our pitch gonna be? Why would an employee come and work for us, and not go elsewhere? The only reason it is easy to answer now is because Matt's asked me that a lot.

He's also been really good at negotiating too. He'll actually negotiate the salary on our behalf. He's good at selling the story.

A key part of hyper growth is having the right people in the right seats on the bus and Matt's been integral in helping me be successful by having the right people on my team.